DIY Gift Templates

Hi Everyone!

Today I posted a video giving you some last minute DIY Gift Ideas Under $20. In the video I mentioned I would upload the templates for you to use if you’d like to, so here they are!

Merry Christmas!

Gluten Free Cookies

Chill Pills & Nuts About You Template


Living with Chronic Pain

Im not sure where to even start here because I don’t want this to be a long story but I do think it’s important that I share this. I gave up blogging a while ago because I didn’t feel like I had anything to share anymore and because I’ve been having a really hard time, but I keep thinking about what I’m going through and how alone I feel – even though I know there’s others out there going through the same thing. Which is why I felt it was important that I share my experience in the hopes that others who are going through this don’t have to feel alone like I do. Please forgive me if this post is a little jumbled, today is a hard day for me pain and fatigue-wise so my brain is a little foggy.

If you’d like a back story on my symptoms and how this all started, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Chronic Pain is a Thief

Chronic pain is a thief of many things, but here are the main things it deprives me of Every. Single. Day.

  • Happiness
  • The ability to function as a normal human
  • My social life
  • My ability to be the parent I want to be to my son
  • Motivation
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Sleep
  • A normal appetite
  • Patience
  • The ability to clean my house or do normal chores
  • The ability to get out of bed some days
  • Focus

Chronic Pain Also Gives

Chronic pain isn’t always a thief though, it also gives me;

  • Pain (duh)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • A feeling of worthlessness
  • Irritability
  • Severe fatigue
  • Strain on my marriage
  • Strain on my relationship with my son
  • Self doubt
  • Self hatred
  • Frustration
  • Medical bills
  • Flare ups
  • Brain fog

The thing with chronic pain is, it can be caused by many different things and no two cases are the same. Just because you have a cousin who’s best friend has chronic pain and they’re able to work a full time job and function like a normal human doesn’t mean that I am the same. For me personally, I’m unable to take ibuprofen or codeine for other health reasons which leaves Panadol my only other option for pain medication unless I want to take prescription opioids or go to the hospital for morphine. The other point I really want to get across is that when someone with chronic pain has fatigue, it’s not like the usual “I stayed up too late and only got 6 hours sleep” sort of tired, it is the sort of tired that feels like you haven’t slept in days even though you had a full 8 hours sleep the night before. It’s the kind of fatigue that when you wake up in the morning, you feel like you’ve already worked a 12 hour, labour-intensive shift before you’ve even gotten out of bed. It’s not the kind of tired you can push through with a smile on your face. On days like that, I’m lucky if I’m able to take care of my son on my own. If I make it from the bed to the couch and can stay there for the day without falling asleep, that’s an achievement.

The main thing I want people to understand is, I don’t want you to fix me, I don’t want you to suggest things you think will work such as diet and exercise, I don’t want you to doubt me when I say I’m having a rough day, I don’t want you to judge me because I look like absolute trash whilst attempting to get groceries on a flare up day, I just want you to understand and support me. I don’t expect you to understand how I feel, because it’s impossible unless you’re in my position which I wouldn’t wish on anyone, I just want you to understand if I cancel plans at the last minute, or if I’m complaining for the hundredth time that I’m not coping, I just want you to support me when I say I can’t do this anymore. I want to be reassured that my condition isn’t who I am, and that people still see ME and not the woman who constantly complains that she’s in pain or that she doesn’t know how she can live like this for much longer. I want people to care enough to check in with me and ask if I’m okay – physically I’m almost never okay but mentally I have good and bad days, it’d be nice to be asked how I’m going for once. The other thing I want people to know is that on flare up days, I can’t just “push through” it. Even if I do manage to drag myself out of bed and force myself to go to whatever it is that I’ve got planned out of guilt, I end up paying for it for days afterwards. When your pain is so bad you’re in tears because no matter what position you lay in bed the pain isn’t relieved, you can’t exactly push through it no matter how desperately you want to participate in normal life.

This isn’t aimed at anyone at all, I’m very lucky to have a very supportive husband and a very understanding best friend (Thanks Laura 😘) this post is more for people who have friends or family with chronic pain or illness and don’t understand what they’re going through or how to support them.

I still don’t know exactly what is causing my pain, however I am having surgery in 10 days to hopefully discover, diagnose and treat whatever it is that is ruining my life. I never thought I’d ever look forward to surgery and I am definitely anxious and stressed about it, but I am literally counting down the days.

I just want to be me again.

If you’ve made it through the whole post I really appreciate you taking the time to read through it. If you are living with chronic pain or illness, feel free to share or send it to your loved ones if you’re having trouble explaining how you feel. If this can help even just one person than it was worth sharing. I’d appreciate some good vibes and prayers for my surgery, as much as I’m looking forward to getting some answers and hopefully finding relief, I’m also terrified haha.

My heart goes out to anyone going through this, I truly hope you can find some comfort and a treatment that works for you.

I’ll post an update once I’ve had surgery and am up to it.




Back Story

For the past 18 months I have been living with pain. It hasn’t always been chronic, to begin with it was only during my period. I’d have to take time off work every time I got my period because the pain and fatigue was so bad, eventually I ended up losing my job because of it. I went to multiple GP’s who told me “some women just have pelvic pain and you just have to live with it. Take some Panadol.” and basically made me feel like I was being a sook. I finally got a referral in December 2017 to see my specialist who I’ve been seeing since I was 19 due to my PCOS. I explained my symptoms and he said he thought it could be endometriosis but there was no way to confirm without surgery. He encouraged me to book in for surgery in January as the longer you leave it the worse it can get, which I now know to be very true. However, we didn’t have the money at the time and simply couldn’t afford it. Unfortunately by February my pain was a daily occurrence, and the fatigue was just as bad. I now also have “flare ups” where I’m in a ridiculous amount of pain and struggle to get out of bed, they usually only last a day but I’ve been lucky enough to be going into my 4th day of a flare up. I’ve spent 2 out of those days bed ridden. I made the mistake of trying to “push through” yesterday and today I am paying for it big time. However, I will hopefully soon have some answers. In May I was blessed enough to receive $2000 from my grandmother who passed away last November and we were finally able to book surgery. We decided to go through a different OBGYN in Brisbane as he is qualified to perform another procedure that I require during the same operation so he was the obvious choice. We’ve managed to sell a few things so that we have the $4000 to go ahead with surgery in early July. Keeping everything crossed that this surgery can diagnose and treat my pain because this is no way to live.

Hare on a Chair

Hi friends!

I thought I would share with you all what we will be doing to celebrate Easter this year!

This idea originally came about when I was getting my hair done before Christmas and we were discussing how well a certain little Elfie was helping out Hunter with his behavior – I know a lot of people are against using things like this for behavior but it works for us and Hunter really loved having a little friend to look for every morning. I was saying to my beautiful hairdresser Taylah (click her name to check out her Facebook page. She’s an amazing mobile hairdresser in the darling downs region that comes to your house!) that I was sad that Christmas would soon be over and all the festivities would be finished and we’d have to say goodbye to our little Elf friend and she suggested why not try something like that for Easter? So this is what I have come up with. This is an original idea – the poem (which i will talk about more further down) was written solely by me and the concept is my own idea.

I purchased this adorable little Hare on eBay and he will be our little friend for the 2 weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. We’ve named him Hop.



The beauty of this is that you don’t have to purchase a specific hare or bunny, you can even use one you already have! The idea is to hide your bunny/hare friend around the house doing silly things or even bringing a small gift or something fun to do, like an Easter themed craft project or ingredients for baking. I will be posting photos on my social media (links at the end of this post) of what our hare will be getting up to so feel free to follow us for inspiration!

This poem is something I came up with a few weeks ago once I worked out what I wanted the Hare on a Chair to be about. It’s a fun way for kids to get excited about Easter and the Easter Bunny coming but also reminding them to be mindful of their manners and just be good kids in general.

HOAC Screenshot

Side note – my beautiful little 3 year old is an incredibly well behaved little boy and we definitely don’t NEED this to be able to parent him, but he really likes helping out and making people happy and I think this will just help him feel rewarded and give him something to look forward to every morning leading up to Easter.

If you’d like to download the printable version of this poem you can do so by clicking on this link – Hare on a Chair

Let me know what you think of this idea! Will you be joining us? If you do decide to join in on the fun, use this hashtag #hareonachair so I can see your photos! Or feel free to post them to my Facebook page.



Kimberly Xo


Instagram – @kimberlyrose_xo



Letting Go

Hi Friends!

As per usual, it’s been about a decade between blog posts, but life has been super busy so far this year! I’m trying hard to get my study completed and we’ve also been working really hard on our budget which surprisingly takes up a lot more time than I’d expected! And to be completely honest, I just haven’t had anything I wanted to share or talk about. But tonight I noticed something within myself that I wasn’t happy with and I wanted to share it with you all because maybe some of you might be guilty of this too (I just want some reassurance that I’m not a horrible person haha).

I’m going to start this off by saying that I am naturally a very short tempered person thanks to genetics. I’ve definitely improved dramatically over the years (especially since having Hunter) but I still have my moments where I get fixated on something that really annoys or aggravates me and I usually act on that annoyance or anger. Again, a lot less these days but tonight I found myself so frustrated with someone that I couldn’t help but call them out on something that they’d been doing that (in my opinion) was utterly ridiculous. Now, I want to also mention that I was never nasty or rude in my comments but when I’m pissed off I generally come across very blunt. I don’t ever really regret what I say in that I think I’ve done the wrong thing or that I’ve overstepped the line and been nasty or hurtful, but most of the time, once I’ve given myself some time to think about something else or just become distracted, I usually regret having said anything in the first place. Or, just spent time worrying/thinking about something that just wasn’t worth my time. Most of the time I generally don’t say anything when something annoys/upsets/frustrates me because it just isn’t worth it, but then I find I sit and think about it constantly because I haven’t been able to get it off of my chest.

Which leads me to my next point. I’m currently laying in bed, it’s 1.07am and I can’t sleep. Because I am so beyond frustrated with myself for giving in to that side of me where I just can’t help myself. I can’t help but be passionate about certain things and I can’t help but voice my opinion. Like I said, I didn’t say anything nasty or anything I wish I could take back, but this topic did consume a lot of my thoughts tonight and it was just a complete and utter waste of time. So I wanted to share this quote with you all…

The original quote is “If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it.” But because I’m an over-thinker, I’ve reworded it to make it a bit more achievable haha. But this is something I’m going to try my absolute best to stick to. This obviously doesn’t apply to big life events but little things like spilling your coffee, someone saying something rude to you, the kids drawing on the walls, or like my situation tonight, people giving advice that isn’t in the best interest of others (I’m not going to go into detail because it is beyond boring and a bit petty but it was basically a fear mongering post regarding our local town flooding – which is unlikely – that they posted for shock factor and views without any evidence to back up their claims).

Do I disagree with it? Yes. Do I have to voice that I disagree with it? No. In 5 years time, will this affect me – or even better yet, in 5 years time, will I even remember this? Nope. Then why spend any more time thinking about it? While I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for this quote I stumbled across another one that literally made me say “Wow” out loud because I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that speaks to me more.

As someone who is an avid over-thinker and just an anxious person in general, I know this to be very true. It’s okay to feel sad, angry, frustrated, annoyed etc over little things, but give yourself a moment to feel that way and then move on. Dwelling on it isn’t going to help or change anything, if anything it’s only going to make you feel worse and you’ll end up swimming in a pool of negativity.

I’ve actively tried incredibly hard this year to let things go. If it’s not a big deal, just Let. It. Go. And I’ve been doing very well with it actually. For the past 4 or 5 months at least, I’ve managed to not get caught up in my thoughts. I’m an incredibly passionate person and have very strong opinions which makes sticking to this pretty difficult sometimes and like tonight, sometimes I fail. But I’m trying my best to learn from moments like this rather than beat myself up for it. We aren’t perfect, we’re human. We’re going to falter, but the main thing is that we learn from our missteps and grow. Don’t kick yourself because you snapped and raised your voice at your children today, or that you gave the finger to the person who cut you off while you were driving. Recognise that you’ve faltered and grow from it. Install coping mechanisms if you need them (I’ve learnt to laugh when Hunter does something that frustrates me if it doesn’t require discipline and it actually works incredibly well) or do something kind for somebody if you have remorse for giving that person the finger. I find that I’m a very empathetic person, so even if I don’t feel like I’ve said or done anything wrong or inappropriate, I ALWAYS hold some sort of guilt afterwards for possibly offending or upsetting someone – so I always try to learn from the situation and do something good for somebody else to remind myself that it’s always the better choice. If you’re ever feeling tempted to lash out, voice your opinion whilst your worked up (never a good idea) or anything like that, try your best to remember the 5×5 rule. If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, try not to spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it. Distract yourself, text your bestie and vent to them, or just do something nice for someone instead and don’t let yourself think about it.

I’ve definitely grown over the past few years and matured a lot – I don’t get annoyed by petty things very often anymore and I don’t take others advice or opinions to heart if they don’t align with mine, but there are moments where if its something that affects other people it just gets to me. I’m glad though that I’m finally in a place where I can recognise when I’m improving rather than just focusing on my flaws! So that’s a bonus haha.

Anyway, sorry if this was a bit rambley but it is 1.30am so I’m a bit delirious at this point haha. Hopefully some of you have found this relatable or useful somehow. Let me know your thoughts! I’d love to know I’m not alone in this.

I’m hoping to have a much more light hearted blog up on Friday – if not, it will be up early next week.

Thanks for reading!



Easy Lamington Recipe

Hi everyone!

I made these lamingtons yesterday for the Australia Day weekend and they turned out SO delicious that I thought I’d share the recipe with you all! Now keep in mind that this is the cheats version of Lamingtons. There is no sponge in this so it’s not a traditional recipe but I think they actually taste better than traditional lamingtons just quietly..

Here’s what you’ll need:

1x Green’s Butter Cake Mix

2 eggs

3 tblsp butter

2/3 cup milk


2 cups icing sugar

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1/2 cup hot water

1 tblsp butter

2 cups desiccated coconut for coating


Mix the butter cake as per the instructions on the box and pour into a greased & lined square 22x22cm tin. Bake for 30-40minutes, the cake is done when it springs back when lightly touched or a skewer comes out clean when inserted. Allow the cake to cool in the tin. Once cool, remove cake from tin and level off the top of the cake with a sharp serrated knife – make sure the cake is completely cool when you do this otherwise it will crumble. Wrap levelled cake tightly in cling wrap and place in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

To make the icing, mix all ingredients together – the icing should be fairly runny but not watery. Remove cake from freezer and cut into squares. Dip squares into icing, allow the excess to drain before rolling in coconut. Allow to set before serving.

These freeze exceptionally well – I just popped mine into snap lock bags.

If you make these please tag me in photos! I’d love to know what you think!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I’m currently writing up a money saving blog that should be up in the next week or two so keep an eye out for that – you won’t want to miss it 😉

Did you bake anything for Australia Day?

Lots of love,

Kimberly x

DIY Elf on the Shelf House & Easy DIY Christmas Decor • Kmart Stacking Tree Hacks 2017

Hi Everyone!

I thought I’d start out the first of my Christmas blogs with some DIY hacks using 2 very popular items sold at Kmart this Christmas!

I’ll start with the base as it’s the same for both designs.

Here is what you will need for both hacks;

For the base you will need;

Kmart Stacking Tree – $12

Christmas Themed Wrapping Paper


A pen or pencil

Double sided Tape – the Heavy Duty kind

A short length of Battery Powered Christmas Lights (I got mine for $2 at The Reject Shop)

To make the base;

Roll out your wrapping paper and place each part of your Stacking Tree onto the paper, tracing around each one with your pen/pencil. Make sure that you place your Stacking Tree parts the correct way up on the paper so the pattern is displayed properly (you will see below I didn’t do this the first time and had to re-do it, I also didn’t notice until after I’d completed and photographed both designs – super frustrating).

Next, cut out your stencils and place them into each corresponding part of the Stacking Tree. You will need to trim each one down to size, make sure they fit snug but without any creasing or ripples.

Then, place the double sided tape around the edges of the cut out paper, making sure you place it on the backside (non-patterned) of the paper. Remove the tape’s backing and press paper into each part of the Stacking Tree, making sure there are no bubbles or creases.

Now, stack your tree (preferably in the place you would like it displayed to save the trouble of having to move it once you have the decorations inside) and use double sided tape to stick your lights around the edge of the tree, making sure the battery pack ends up at the bottom.

If you’d like the lights and/or Tree to be a permanent fixture, use hot glue to secure each part of the tree together and to keep the lights in place.

Test your lights to make sure they work, then go on and decorate your tree!

Elf on the Shelf House

For the Elf on the Shelf House you will need;

Christmas Elf Door Set – $15

Elf on the Shelf Elf

Any other decorations you’d like to use

A star Christmas ornament

Blue tack

To create your Elf on the Shelf House;

Place the elf door on the bottom level of your house and put your Elf beside it, to show this is where Elfie (that’s what we’ve named our Elf – original I know!) has arrived from the North Pole. If you’d like to, you can always put a bit of double sided tape on the bottom and back of the door to secure it in place.

Decorate the rest of the shelf and the other shelves however you please. We chose to place a star on our top shelf as it made it feel more like a Christmas tree – I just used an ornament I purchased from the Reject Shop and used blue tack to secure it to the “roof”.

I think Hunter will really love this! This is our first year doing elf on the shelf so I wanted Elfie’s entrance to be somewhat grand!

Easy DIY Christmas Decor

For this you will only need a few ornaments/trinkets. I purchased most of these at The Reject Shop but you could get them from any cheap store or even Kmart. I also used some old ornaments I had from a few years ago that no longer fit with the colour scheme of my tree for this year – so that is a great way to save money with this DIY.

This is pretty basic, just place your trinkets and ornaments however you like – again use double sided sticky tape if you’d like things to stay put but if you’re not touching it/moving it around it’s not really necessary. I went with the almost the same design as the Elf house except the bottom shelf had a few different trinkets.

This looks super festive when lit up at night and is so affordable! The best part about this is that you can change it up every year. Just remove last years wallpaper (wrapping paper) and change it out to suit your new colour scheme/design.

Let me know if you do end up trying either of these DIY/Kmart Hacks and please tag me in pictures on Instagram if you do end up trying it! Im a festive freak so I love to see anything creative when it comes to Christmas Decor.

I’ll have 2 more Christmas themed blogs coming up in the next week so keep your eye out for those! One is Elf on the Shelf themed and the other is a DIY Advent Calendar idea great for kids!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or ask on any of my social media.

Merry Christmas!

Kimberly Xo

Instagram – @kimberlyrose_xo

Facebook – @KimberlyRoseMU

*This Post is not sponsored by Kmart or the Reject Shop – I just thought this tree was super versatile so wanted to share how I was styling it ❤️🎄

Losing My Job, Family Issues & Exciting News! Life Update – November 2017

Hey everyone!

I know yet again its been a really long time between blog posts but life has been all over the place lately. The last time I spoke to you all was in my Turning 25 blog (which you can read here) and I was having a bit of a hard time with figuring out what to do with my life. I actually have quite a bit to update you all on so I’ll start from October.

Okay so I’m going to start with some very TMI stuff – if you’re new here, I post a lot about cycles etc as that is what I originally blogged about when I was trying to conceive 4 years ago, so if you’re not into reading that sort of stuff just skip to the next paragraph. The past year, my period (major TMI alert – this shit is about to get messy) has been really bad. Every single month the amount of pain I’m in and the amount of bleeding (I know – gross but it has to be talked about) I’ve been having gets worse every cycle and it has been getting to the point where I struggle to do daily life things like go to work or even get Hunter to daycare. But I will be seeing a specialist in about 2 weeks time and hopefully we’ll be able to work out what’s going on and find a solution ASAP because this really sucks. So I’ll do a full blog post on it after I’ve seen him.

In other news, I’m no longer working! I don’t really want to go into much detail out of respect for my former work place but it was inevitable as I’d outgrown my position there. There were other reasons too but I don’t really want to get into them as it’s just not worth sharing and I’ve left things on good terms with the owner which is the main thing.

So I am now currently a stay at home mum & housewife! Which I absolutely love to be honest, particularly after the past few weeks of stress. Rescue Mumma hasn’t been doing as well as I’d hoped and we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our subscription boxes due to low sales. We still have gift boxes available and we will also be launching a new website within the coming weeks so stay tuned! (If you’d like to purchase a gift box – you can do so here). But that was a bit of a blow as that all occurred within the same week. On top of that, we’ve had other family issues (I won’t discuss them out of respect for our family, but it has been super stressful and hard on everyone) so life has really been kicking us lately, but I do have some good news to share!

I’m really hoping that by sharing this I don’t jinx myself, but guys… I have been mostly anxiety free since the start of October! HOORAY!! I’m really not sure why all of a sudden my mental health has finally gotten its shit together but I’m hoping and praying it stays this way. This is literally the best I have felt mentally in over 7 years! I haven’t done anything different, nothing has really changed (other than everything I mentioned before) and considering the super stressful circumstances we’ve had lately, I’ve been doing incredibly well. I really hope that I have somehow miraculously overcome my issues and that I will be well from now on, but for the time being I’m enjoying feeling somewhat “normal” (I don’t mean that to be insensitive either, but if you’ve suffered from mental health problems then you will understand that all you ever want is to feel like everybody else who doesn’t have issues) and trying my best not to worry about how long this good feeling will last.

In other good news, my best friend of 10 years got married in October! We were so happy to be able to watch her walk down the aisle and help her celebrate her big day! This was also Jamie & I’s first weekend away without Hunter. It was definitely tough to begin with as he actually went away on a little holiday with Jamie’s mum to stay with Jamie’s sister, so I was a little nervous about how he’d go without us but he loved it! He truly had a wonderful time and to be honest, it was the best little holiday Jamie and I have had in 5 or 6 years – it was nice just to spend time together as couple and feel like it was just us again.

So that is pretty much my update. I feel like I’ve left something out and as per my usual writing style, this is probably all over the place but I assume you guys are used to it by now haha.

Also, Christmas is only 38 days away! I am beyond excited! I’m hoping to have my first Christmas related blog up towards the end of next week so stay tuned!

I hope you are all doing well and hopefully we actually receive some of the rain that’s forecast for this weekend! Our grass is starting to look a little sorry for itself haha.

Alright, I’m rambling – what else is new.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kimberly Xo

Ps. If you read this blog when I originally posted it, I decided to edit a few things out because I just didn’t want to keep them included. It was a really long story that had no real point to it, so if you’re wondering why it was different, that’s why! : )

Launch Day Is Here!

Hello Friends!

I can’t believe this day has finally come! I’m beyond excited to announce that our Rescue Mumma website is LIVE!

I want to keep this post short and sweet seeing as I already posted about it recently. In case you missed it, here is the blog where I announced Rescue Mumma and explained all about how it originated etc.

If you’d like a discount code to use on your first purchase with Rescue Mumma, keep scrolling…


For 5% off your first purchase with use the code LAUNCH5.

Thank you so much for your support! I can’t wait to hear what you all think!


Kimberly XO


Hello friends!

Sorry I have been so absent the past few weeks, life has been super hectic and you’re all about to find out why!

I have been working on this for the past month every spare chance I get. Other than work and the usual housework, this is all I have been doing.

I came up with this idea over four years ago when I was pregnant with Hunter, but I’ve always been too scared to go ahead with it. But lately I’ve decided that I’m never going to get anywhere if I don’t take risks and do things that I’m passionate about.

So here is what I’ve been working on….


What is Rescue Mumma? Rescue Mumma is a monthly subscription box designed specifically for Mums and women. It is a completely original idea and it’s also the very first of its kind in Australia! What sets Rescue Mumma boxes apart from other parenting boxes on the market is the fact that these boxes are created specifically to pamper Mums. None of the products contained in the box are for children, they are all just for Mum. You don’t need to be a Mum to enjoy these boxes either, the boxes are suited for all women aged 16 to 100 years old. Each box contains 5 – 7 luxury pamper products ranging from body scrubs to delicious fudge. We will also be stocking 2 one off gift boxes, one for New Mummas and one for Breastfeeding Mummas – both of these gift boxes are also the first of their kind in Australia! I’ve worked super hard to ensure all of the boxes we sell are affordable, whilst still containing luxury products. The other difference with the Rescue Mumma boxes is that we only work with small Australian businesses! 90% of the companies featured in the Rescue Mumma boxes are owned and run by Aussie Mums and most of the products are hand made and natural.

We are launching on the 20th September 2017 and the first box will go out on the 15th October. Boxes ship on the 15th of every month and will arrive within 5 – 7 business days. We also have flat-rate shipping Australia wide!

The website is currently live, however you will be directed to a coming soon page where you can enter your email address to be notified as soon as the boxes go on sale.

The idea behind this box really came to fruition when one of my friends had a baby. She was having a bit of a tough time so I brought her over a small gift just for her and she was so thankful and grateful that someone had thought of her and not just of bub. Most of the time when you have a new baby, everyone buys gifts for the baby – which is obviously very thoughtful and generous – but a lot of the time people forget about Mum. As Mums we also often forget or feel guilty buying things for ourselves. This is where Rescue Mumma comes in. Every month’s box is a surprise, so it’s like Christmas every month! The subscription boxes are $34.95/month + Shipping which, if you spread it out over the month, works out to be the price of a large cup of coffee a week. Each box also has a value of over $52 – which means every single month you are basically receiving over $17 worth of product for free! Our boxes also include exclusive discounts to some of the participating stores of that month’s box, just for our Rescue Mumma subscribers!

If you’d like to be notified when our boxes go live, head to and enter your email address – we’ll only be stocking a limited amount of boxes for our first month so make sure you sign up if you don’t want to miss out! While you’re there, be sure to click our social media links and follow us! We’ll be showing some exclusive sneak peeks on our Instagram and Facebook over the coming weeks.

Something else I wanted to include with the boxes, is a charity donation. I’d love to donate $1 from every box sold to a charity that benefits women and mothers, however I’m just not sure which one. So I would absolutely love some suggestions! If you have any in mind, please leave a comment below or on my social media.

So this is my big announcement! What do you think? What would you love to see in our subscription boxes?

Thank you for your support! I’ll write up another blog post on launch day which will include a special discount for my followers, so keep your eye out on the 20th September!


Kimberly Xo


Are we going to have another baby?

Hi friends!

Sorry about the lack of blog posts last week, life has been super hectic these past 2 weeks! As I’m typing this, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and it’s only 6.30pm – so please forgive any spelling errors etc. I thought I would finally update on our TTC plans seeing as I haven’t talked about it since around this time last year.

If you followed my pregnancy journey with Hunter, you will know it was difficult to get pregnant and then it was difficult to stay pregnant. At 20 weeks I was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix and had to have emergency surgery at 21 weeks to place a cerclage. Long story short, Hunter was born at just 33+6 weeks and spent 3 weeks in the NICU/SCN.

Fast forward to this time last year when we decided we were ready to have another baby. By this point I had done just about all the research I possibly could on an incompetent cervix and the options for a future pregnancy. My best option looked to be a TAC which is a Trans-abdominal Cerclage which is placed before you get pregnant – via a laparoscopy. So we went and saw a specialist Doctor in Brisbane to discuss my options. Long story short, I had an MRI and an internal and the doctor said my cervix was measuring 2.5cm which is half the length it should be when you aren’t pregnant. It is also far shorter than is safe during pregnancy. I would have absolutely no chance of carrying a pregnancy to term with my cervix that short and would struggle to even make it to viability, let alone to 28 weeks where bub would actually have a decent chance at life. So my only option would be to have the TAC placed. We went ahead and booked the surgery in for the following month, however, about 2 weeks before the surgery I called my doctor just to make sure this was the right decision – and he expressed his concerns of me living rurally during pregnancy and explained that he would constantly feel nervous during any pregnancy I have whilst I live here as we don’t have the best health care services locally (the closest hospital that can deliver premmie babies is 2 hours away and even then they don’t deliver before 32 weeks) and urged me to have money put aside in case I had to move into a city again. Due to this we decided to cancel the surgery until we had at least $10,000 saved up just for that.

About 8 months ago, Jamie and I looked into surrogacy – as I have so many issues falling pregnant and during pregnancy, we thought we’d explore all of our options. However, we came to discover how difficult and expensive it is to have a baby via surrogacy in Australia. Medicare does not cover any of the associated costs (IVF etc) and including legal fees and medical bills, we would need to have between 60k-100k put away for it. After a lot of discussions, we decided that seeing as we already have one amazing little man, it would be selfish and wasteful to spend that amount of money trying to have another baby – with no guarentee of it actually working.

So after a lot of conversations and thinking about what we want, we have decided not to have any more children. Now, if we have a “whoopsie” then obviously we will have another baby or if we miraculously win the lottery then we might consider surrogacy again. But in reality, its probably never going to happen for us. We are both content with our little family and I am focusing on my career and my studies for now.

I know that was super long-winded, but I wanted to explain how we came to our decision and the fact that there still is a very, very small chance that we may have another baby some day – but it’s not currently in our plans whatsoever.

If you’ve had complicated pregnancies, how do you feel about having more children? Or do you know someone who has been through surrogacy? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for taking the time to read yet another long-winded blog! Your support is always appreciated.

I just wanted to sneak in here that I may have a super exciting announcement within the next few months. It’s all very new at the moment, however if everything goes to plan I will have something amazing to share with you all soon – so watch this space!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Kimberly XO