Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Hello everyone! Long time no talk! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately, if you follow me on my social media, you’d know I’ve had a cold & my wisdom teeth pulled recently, hence why I’ve been absent. But, today I am back with some cute Easter crafts for your little ones. These were a lot of fun to make and turned out really cute. I’ll admit that the Carrots didn’t turn out as nicely as I’d hoped but that’s okay! Hunter doesn’t notice the difference so thats all that matters haha. These crafts are great for kids of any ages too, not just toddlers! Okay, lets get into it…

easterbunnycarrot Collage.jpg

Let’s start with the Footprint Easter Bunny:



For this craft you will need the following;

easterbunny 1.jpg

  • 2 pieces of white, grey, cream or brown cardstock card – we chose grey
  • Pink paint
  • Glitter (if you like, we decided not to use glitter in the end)
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Black & Pink markers/textas
  • Optional extra – bowl


Step 1: Paint your little one’s feet with pink paint and press them onto one of the pieces of cardstock, ensuring you allow a good amount of space around them as these will make the bunny’s ears.


Step 2: While the footprints are drying, grab your 2nd piece of cardstock and draw on a large circle (I used a bowl as a guide). Then cut out and add the bunny’s facial features (see below), don’t forget the whiskers! You could also use stick on eyes instead of drawing them on if you’d prefer.


Step 3: Cut around the footprints into bunny ears and glue onto your bunny’s head. Set aside to dry & you’re done.


You could also write a little message on the back of the Easter Bunny’s head & use it as a cute card – this would be a great card to give your little one’s teacher if they are in school.

Let’s move onto the Footprint Carrots…


To make this craft you will need the following;


  • 1 piece of cream or white cardstock card
  • Orange & Green paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors


Step 1: Paint your little love’s feet with the orange paint and press them onto the piece of card, making sure you leave a decent gap between them, allow to dry.


Step 2: Now you have 2 options here, you could use your child’s handprints for this (like we did) or you can just paint the tops of the carrots with a paintbrush. If you want to use your child’s hands, I suggest only painting their 4 fingers & not the thumb or palms of their hands as I believe that’s where we went wrong (live and learn right?!), then have them press their fingers onto the card, lining the bottom of their fingers up so they’re touching the toe prints. Allow to dry.


Step 3: Once dry, cut around the footprints to make a carrot shape & you’re done!

As I previously mentioned, ours didn’t turn out perfectly, but I still think they’re really cute!

Please let me know if you decide to make these! You can either tag me on Instagram or send me photos on Snapchat or Facebook, all of my social media is listed at the bottom of the page.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend whatever you’re doing!

Kimberly Xo

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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

Hello my lovelies!

With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, I thought it would be the perfect time to do some crafting with my little toddler. Here is what we came up with.

VD Collage blog.jpg

Hunter had so much fun creating this cute Love Canvas & Valentine’s Day Card for Daddy, so I thought I’d share how we made them in case you’re in the festive mood tomorrow with your little ones! These are great crafts to do just in general, but are a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your little loves.

  1. LOVE Handprint Canvas

LOVE finished canvas.jpg

To create this craft you will need the following:

LOVE Canvas VD .jpg

  • A4 Artist Canvas
  • Paintbrushes (I recommend getting decent ones, the kids ones weren’t great for painting letters on)
  • Artist Palette for mixing colours (optional)
  • Non-Toxic Paint (we used the Crayola Washable Paint)
  • Glitter

Step 1. Select your desired colours and paint your toddler’s hand with a decent amount of paint, then press their hand onto the canvas randomly until all the paint on your little one’s hand is gone. Repeat with as many colours as you like. Set aside to dry.

handprints LOVE canvas.jpg

Step 2. Paint the letters LOVE (or any other word you’d like) onto the canvas with white paint. You could also just use PVA Glue instead. Then sprinkle with a good amount of glitter so the letters are completely coated. I suggest painting and adding glitter to one letter at a time to avoid the other letters drying before you get the glitter on them. Set aside to dry & you’re done!

LOVE finished canvas.jpg


2. Footprint Heart Card

footprint heart collage.jpg

To create this craft you will need:

  • White paper
  • Red paint
  • PVA Glue
  • Red Glitter
  • Black Marker Pen
  • 8×8 inch Cardstock in Red

Step 1. Paint your toddler’s left foot with red paint, then carefully press onto the middle of a piece of white paper, angling the toes towards the top left corner of the page. Repeat with the right foot, ensuring the heel of the foot overlaps the first footprint & the toes are pointing towards the top right corner of the page. (This process is a lot easier if you use an art book rather than a sheet of paper. Sit your toddler on a chair and press the book onto their foot in the position you want, rather than trying to get them to do it standing up). Allow to dry.

Footprint Heart.jpg

Step 2. Once dry, write the following words around the footprints in a heart shape using a black marker pen.

“I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes!”

Feel free to replace the little verse with something else if you prefer.

footprint heart words.jpg

Step 3. Carefully dot PVA glue onto each toe print and over the entire footprint, then sprinkle generously with glitter and allow to dry completely. (I suggest doing one footprint at a time, to avoid the PVA glue drying before you get a chance to put glitter onto it).

footprint heart glitter.jpg

Step 4. Once completely dry, cut around the words to form a love heart shape. Glue to your your cardstock and allow to dry.

footprint heart collage


Step 5. Once dry, add your message to the back. Alternatively, you could frame it and wrap it up as a gift!

footprint card front.jpg


I hope our crafts give you a little bit of inspiration for Valentine’s Day or your next crafting day with your little loves! If you decide to recreate any of these crafts, I’d love to see them! Feel free to tag me on any of the following social media accounts;

Instagram: KimberlyRose_xo

Facebook: Facebook.com/KimberlyRoseMU

or send them to me on Snapchat! My username is Kimberly_xoxx

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day! If you don’t celebrate it then I hope you  have a wonderful weekend regardless!

Kimberly Xo