Elf on the Shelf Ideas 2017

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’m a little late with this post, I just couldn’t seem to get organised this week!

I thought I’d share a few tips to make elf on the shelf a little easier this year and I will also be posting what our Elfie gets up to every day!

1. I found the best way to make this less stressful is to print out a basic calendar on a piece of paper and write in each of the days what I planned on doing with Elfie. I kept in mind days where I wouldn’t have as much time to set up the night before and also days where we had free time so Elfie could bring along an activity for us to do. This keeps things nicely organised and this way I don’t have to try and come up with ideas on the day.

2. Use Pinterest! I found almost all of my Elfie ideas on Pinterest and will adapt them to suit our household and to use things we already have. But if you’re lacking inspiration, Pinterest is the place to look!

3. Keep it simple. Hunter is only 3 so basically anything Elfie does is exciting. But don’t feel pressure to try and “out do” other parents. I know with social media we often feel the pressure to “keep up with the jones'” almost, but try and remember what Elf on the Shelf is really about – keeping the spirit of Christmas alive (and also maybe a tiny bit of bribery for your kids to be extra well behaved – so far it’s working well with Hunter. When he doesn’t want to go to bed or have a nap we remind him that Elfie is watching him and that it will make Elfie and Santa happy if he’s a good boy and has a rest. Some parents won’t agree with this sort of parenting, but each to their own)

4. Have fun with it! There’s no point starting a tradition that is just going to stress you out – so just enjoy it. This is meant to be fun, not stressful!

Every day I will add what we found Elfie doing – hopefully it might give you all some ideas too if you’re stuck! Happy Elfmas!

Day 1 – Elfie’s Arrival (if you’d like to see how I made Elfie’s house – click here to read the blog)

Day 2 – Elfie brings a gift! This is the Christmas LEGO Duplo for this year and Hunter was beside himself with excitement when he opened it!

Day 3 – Elfie TP’d the tree!

Day 4 – Elfie made sprinkles snow angels! Hunter loved this one!

Day 5 – Elfie builds a tower!

Day 6 – Elfie’s hiding in the advent calendar!

Day 7 – Elfie “just hanging out”

Day 8 – Elfie Sleighing the day

Day 9 – Elfie Reading to his Toy friends


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