Day #19 What Are You Reading? {October Blogging Challenge}

Hello everyone! So I wrote this before and it only published the title and I lost the rest! Arghh so frustrating! Moving on, todays topic is ‘what book you’re reading’. I love reading, literally I am obsessed, however I have been in a book funk for a few months now. I just haven’t found anything that I’m really interested in, that is until Emma Hart realeased a new book last week! The book I am currently reading is called Dirty Lies by Emma Hart. This is the 3rd book in the Burke Brothers series, which follows the lives of 4 rockstar brothers who are the stars of a very popular band called Dirty B.


This book is based on one of the twin brothers named Aiden and his sassy ‘fake girlfriend’ Jessie. I’m only up to Chapter 8, but so far Dirty Lies is just as amazing as the first two Burke Brothers books. I highly suggest starting with the first book, Dirty Secrets. It had me hooked instantly and I couldn’t put it down! So good!

What are you currently reading? If you have any romance/erotica novel or author recommendations, leave them in the comments! I am always looking for new books to read 🙂

Kimberly Xo


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