Day #11 Who/What Inspires You Most {October Blogging Challenge}

The person who inspires me most is my Grannie. She has been through so much in her life and is such a strong woman. Growing up, we spent most of our school holidays at my grandparents’ place and it was always so much fun. We always played board games and Grannie would play basketball and soccer with us too. She always made sure we had plenty of fun things to do, like arts and crafts as well as new videos to watch. I remember when my brother and I went through a book reading phase and when we went and stayed at Grannie’s she had a brand new book in the series we were reading, sitting on our pillows, for absolutely no reason other than because she knew we would enjoy reading them. I remember when we were really young, Grannie would always get us both a gift on each other’s birthday so we wouldn’t feel left out. So on my brother’s birthday he would get a few presents and I would also get one and vice versa, it made me feel so special. Another memory I have is from Easter, I used to have a Baby Born I carried with me absolutely everywhere and the Easter Bunny brought my chocolates as well as a little freddo frog for my Baby Born, I was so excited!

Grannie has always been there for us and is such an amazing woman to look up to. If I turn out to be half as amazing as she is then I would be happy. She is my favourite person in the world.

So that is who inspires me! Who inspires you? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Kimberly Xo


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