Day #10 – 10 Things People May Not Know About You {October Blogging Challenge}

Hello! Sorry I’ve missed the past 2 days of the blogging challenge. Day 8 was supposed to be a day in the life, but it was literally the most uneventful day ever. Then yesterday I was so busy with my halloween tutorial I just didn’t get a chance to write a blog. Anyway, here are a few things about me you may not know…

1. I sometimes snort when I laugh

This is somewhat embarrassing but true. I have a terrible sounding laugh and the occassional snort, Hunter also has his Mumma’s laugh but about x10 of the intensity haha. Luckily I’m yet to hear a snort out of him.

2. I’m an incredibly fussy eater

I literally dread going to other people’s houses for dinner because I am so incredibly fussy. There’s not a lot that I actually enjoy eating. I’m a huge sweet tooth and not a huge fan of savoury/salty food. I also am weird about the foods I like. For instance, I like potato. But only if it is mashed or in potato bake, otherwise I can’t stand the taste of it. I don’t even eat hot chips/fries and the smell of them actually makes me nauseous.

3. My eyes turn grey when I’m unwell

My eyes are a very dark blue normally, but when I’m sick they turn a really dark grey, which made it hard to pretend I was sick when I was a kid haha.

4. My eyes go bright blue when I cry

I’m not sure why this is, but after crying, my eyes turn to a piercing blue colour. I cried right before walking down the aisle on my wedding day and I’m glad I did now because in all of my wedding photos my eyes look amazing.

5. I almost didn’t get married.

If you’ve seen our wedding video you may or may not have already worked this out. But I had a massive melt down about 5 minutes before I was due to walk down the aisle. I burst into tears and basically had a massive panic attack. My Mum brought in our minister that was marrying us and he managed to convince me to walk down the aisle. But halfway down I freaked out again and refused to keep walking (Runaway bride anyone?!), our aisle was L shaped and the guests couldn’t really see me very well until I walked around the corner, right before the corner I stopped and couldn’t keep going. If it wasn’t for my Dad and Lee (our minister) holding me there, I would have ran inside and not have gotten married. Luckily my amazing husband ran down the aisle and came and gave me a hug and then i was fine again and managed to walk the rest of the way down the aisle (even though the music had finished playing) and got married! (You can see all of this in the wedding video on my YouTube Channel).

6. I almost had a c-section with Hunter

When I went into labour with Hunter, I asked for an epidural, which didn’t work. Because I had to have my cervical stitch removed anyway, I had the option for a cesarean, however the anesthesiologist recommended against it as it wouldnt be good for bub’s lungs to be born via c-section so premature. I was absolutely terrified of giving birth without pain killers but managed to suck it up and do it for the sake of my baby. Turns out I can’t give birth naturally again unless its extreme circumstances, due to what happened with my first delivery, so I’m glad I got to experience it – even if it was excruciating.

7. I had braces for 4 years

I was a metal mouth for 4 very long years! I’m glad my parents did that for me though, I had horrible teeth before my braces!

8. I have a very short temper

This is all thanks to my father! He has the shortest fuse ever, and I am the same. I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older but I still have my moments.

9. I only have one sibling

I only have one older brother, no sisters. My brother and I are fairly close, we get along pretty well and always have. I’m kind of glad I didn’t have any sisters growing up, I think I would have just fought with them the whole time haha

10. Fun fact

This is something random to tell you because I’ve run out of things about me haha. Jamie and I actually took a photo together at a party about 6 months before we started talking. At the time I was dating someone else and I knew who Jamie was but wasn’t friends with him, it just so happened that one of my friends’ sister was dating one of Jamie’s best mates and we were all dancing together (my boyfriend at the time was the DJ) and I snapped a photo with Jamie. I don’t have the photo anymore unfortunately but I think it’s so crazy that we’d taken a random photo together and then never spoke to each other again until we happened to be at another party 6 months later. What’s funny is that I didn’t even remember taking the photo (I may have been slightly intoxicated) and saw it the next day on my camera. I’d forgotten all about this whole scenario until Jamie mentioned it when we’d been together for a few years and were talking about that party haha.

So that is it! Hopefully you’ve learnt a little more about me! If you like, leave a comment with something a lot of people don’t know about you!

Thanks for reading,

Kimberly Xo


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