Day #4 – The Story Behind My Blog Name {October Blogging Challenge}

I posted Day #3 – OOTD on my Facebook page as I didn’t think it warranted it’s own blog post, so head over there to check it out if you like!

The story behind my blog name is pretty simple so this is going to be a short blog. The name of my blog is obviously Kimberly Rose, which are my first & middle names. I decided to go with this name as it gives me the opportunity to write about an array of topics all on the one blog.

Now, seeing as my blog name is pretty simple, I thought I’d share the reason why my parents chose my name. My Dad liked the name Kim as he had a friend with the name and thought it sounded nice, Mum wasn’t too convinced on the name but liked the name Kimberly because of the Kimberley Mountains in Western Australia so they agreed on it (pictured above). The unique spelling was a choice of simplicity from my parents, I believe the exact words from my father were “whichever way is the shortest with the least amount of letters”. I prefer my name the way it is spelt compared to the original way (Kimberley), but I have had a lifetime of having my name spelt incorrectly, which drives me nuts; especially when I’ve sent someone a message or email and my name is clearly displayed. Growing up I was only ever known as Kimberly to everyone other than my brother who always called me Kim, my Grandad, who has always called me “little girl” (and still does now) and my Dad who always called me “little one” for obvious reasons (I’m tiny haha). These days though I am often called Kim & introduced as Kim by others, but I cannot stand it! I never minded my brother calling me Kim when we were kids as it was special & I guess I was used to it, but now days I am not at all a fan. I always introduce myself as Kimberly & close family & friends all call me Kimmy, which came from the Aussie show Kath & Kim as I am incredibly similar personality wise to the character Kim in the show (or I was as a teenager, attitude much?!).

Moving on to my middle name, which has a pretty simple story. My Grandmother’s name is Roselyn and when she had my Mum, she used Rose as her middle name. Mum thought it would be nice to pass it on to me too. To be honest, growing up I was always embarrassed of my middle name. I’m not sure why but I really didn’t like it (probably because I knew a girl at school named Rose who wasn’t very nice haha). Something else interesting to add is that after I was born, my Pop (whom I only ever met once when I was 2) mentioned to my Mum that I was named after a rare diamond called the Kimberley Rose Diamond, apparently it’s a type of argyle diamond which are rare pink diamonds only found in Australia (not sure how true it is though haha).

So there is a bit of history for you, hopefully I didn’t ramble on too much! Ha ha

Thanks for reading!

Kimberly Xo

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