Day #2 – Flashback Friday {October Blogging Challenge}

Hello everyone!

I am back for day 2 of the blogging challenge! Now on the tag photo it says day 2 is supposed to be Thankful Thursday, but seeing as it is Friday & also Jamie & my 5 year anniversary I thought it would be nice to do a flashback friday instead. This blog will be mostly filled with old photos of Jamie & I that most of you wouldn’t have seen before, rather than a “wordy” sort of a blog. Hope that’s okay!

So let’s start reminiscing…


This is the first photo Jamie & I took together. It was in 2010 at Jamie’s “Playboy party”. He was dressed as Hugh Heffner & I went as a bunny (original I know). We’d been dating for only 2 weeks. I had just turned 18 and he was almost 21.


Here we are 2 months later at a Bon Jovi concert that just so happened to be on Jamie’s 21st birthday, Mum had booked tickets almost a year in advance & Dad gave up his ticket so that Jamie could come with me. It was my first ever concert and my all time favourite band. It was one of the best nights of my life! Look how young (and chubby!) I look haha


This is in April of 2011, Jamie & I had been living together for about 2 months and were visiting my parents’ farm when this pic was taken. This was the start of my “blonde” phase…


Here we are at the Rotary Ball in which is like an old fashioned ball where you get all dressed up & listen to old fashioned music and dance. We had such a great night. When I put this pic up on Facebook everyone said it looked like a wedding picture haha. This was taken in August 2011.


This is us at the Christmas party for our work in November 2011. Jamie was participating in Movember and still has a beard to this day… I think he has shaved it off a few times since then, but I much prefer my hubby with a bit of scruff.


This is us on our way to a “Foam Party” on Australia Day in January, 2012. Jamie may or may not have been slightly intoxicated in this photo haha. Unfortunately, this night didn’t end too well, we ended up having a pretty big fight in front of quite a few people. Ahh young love! I was 19 & Jamie was 22.


This pic was taken a few days after I’d gotten my braces off. I was so excited to no longer be a metal mouth after 4 years! Jamie sat with me and held my hand through the whole thing which took an hour and a half! He’s always been such a good support for me. I was also finally over my blonde stage by this point haha.


Here we are in August 2012, right after we’d gotten a new puppy a few days beforehand. We were having drinks with my brother & his girlfriend (now wife).



These are a couple of pics we took after a really good night out. I can’t remember what we were doing but we’d had such a great night that I wanted to capture how happy we were, even if it was after midnight..


Looking at this picture you can instantly tell we are now back in “Movember” haha. Jamie had shaven the rest of his beard off in support of Movember. I hated his Mo but it was for a great cause. I’m pretty sure this was the year (November 2012) that we raised around $2500 for Men’s health for Movember. We spent a few weekends going around at pubs each night getting donations. The boys were all so proud of themselves!


This was taken on New Years Eve 2012. Jamie & I spent the night at home with friends. I was 20 & Jamie was 23.


This photo was taken after a night out to dinner about 3 weeks before our wedding, so September 2013. We had gotten engaged in February 2013, but I was so stressed out that year we literally took next to no photos that year. It’s something of a pattern with me, if I’m stressed or having a hard time I just don’t think to take photos! You can see how excited we are in this pic, we were back at a friend’s place and were having such a good time and were so thrilled to be getting married.


This is one of my favourite photos from our wedding. I love it so much, it looks like its straight out of a fairytale ❀ this was also September 2013.


A lot of you will have already seen this photo. This is how we chose to announce to our Facebook friends that we were pregnant! This was in April 2014 – we announced on Easter Sunday πŸ™‚


This is a bonus, never before seen pic! I have never shared this photo because I think it’s a terrible photo of me, but it’s a special one. This is the last photo of Jamie & I before we became parents! This was taken the night before Hunter was born. Little did we know, I was already in labour at this point, but the midwives kept telling me I was still just having braxton hicks. (Although, the doctor had told us we would be having bub within the week). This was taken on 6th September 2014.


Most of you will have seen this photo also, but I can’t not include it! This is our first ever family photo. Hunter was just 2 hours old here ❀


Here we are on our way to the Margaret St Markets in Toowoomba. This was taken in March 2015, I was 22 & Jamie was 25. This is the last selfie we’ve taken together. Since having Hunter we rarely take photos together. I just never think to. We are always taking photos of Hunter instead! Which reminds me to take lots of photos in the future! πŸ™‚

I hope this blog wasn’t boring for y’all! I thought it would be nice to share some memories with you guys.


Kimberly xo



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