Day #1 – Goals for October {October Blogging Challenge}

October Blogging Challenge Day #1 – Goals for October

So if you haven’t already worked it out from the title, I am going to attempt the October Blogging Challenge, which is to blog every day for the month of October. Every day has a different “theme” to go by but I will probably change up a few of them to suit what I’m up to. I will insert the pic below for you guys to check out. Feel free to borrow the pic from my Facebook page and use it on your own blog & let me know if you’re going to join the fun so I can check your blog out!

October challenge

Yesterday was Day 1, but I’ve been unwell with an awful cold so I’ll be posting Day 1 this morning and Day 2 tonight. Day 2 is a bit of a special one so keep an eye out for it!

Okay, so Day #1 is Goals for October. I’ve had to have a really hard think about this one and be careful not to set myself too many goals as we have a bit of stressful stuff going on this month, here is what I came up with;

  1. Follow through with the blogging challenge!
  2. See a hypnotherapist for my anxiety – something I’ve been considering for a while but have been hesitant to go ahead with.
  3. Spring clean my house!
  4. Stick with the squat challenge (check out my facebook over the next few days for more info if you’re interested).

That’s it! I know that’s not very many goals, but I have to be realistic in what I would like to achieve. If you set yourself too many goals or goals that are unrealistic you are setting yourself up for failure, which means you are unlikely to set yourself goals in the future for fear of failure.

I’ll try and keep these blogs fairly short seeing as they are going to be daily, but I hope you enjoy reading them and learn a little more about me!


Kimberly Xo

P.s hope you like the new blog & layout! Let me know in the comments below what you think!


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