Labour & Delivery Story {33 Week Premmie} Part 2

Part 2

If you haven’t already read Part 1 of my labour and delivery story, here is the link:

At around 7.30pm I had the urge to push. The midwife took the gas off of me as it apparently hinders the ability to push effectively. I tried a few different positions; flat on my back, which wasn’t possible for long due to the severe bruising from the epidural, squatting at the end of the bed with the aid of a bar and finally on my side holding my leg up, this was the only position that was comfortable enough. After pushing for an hour and 20 minutes I became extremely exhausted and begged the midwives to help me. They called the OB in and as soon as I saw him I begged him to use the vacuum or forceps because I couldn’t do it anymore. He said that bub was still too high up for forceps and a vacuum isn’t an option for preemie babies. After examining me he told the midwives to call the anaesthetist immediately to arrange a spinal block (at the time I didn’t know why, but afterwards one of my midwives, Tracey, explained I would have been wheeled into theatre, presumably to cut all the way through to get the baby out) and told me to push as hard as I possibly could with the next contraction. Mum then lent into me and whispered to me that if I didn’t push really hard and bring bub down further, things were going to become very serious or in her words “you need to push really hard, you don’t want to know what they’re going to do to you if you can’t get bub down”. So at the next contraction I did the 2 biggest pushes I could and managed to move bub down far enough for forceps. My OB told the midwives to call the anaesthetist back and tell him not to come in, to which I begged him to let me have a spinal block as I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. He told me a spinal block would no longer work due to bub now being too far down.


They then asked me to move onto my back. This is where things became very serious and very, very painful. This next paragraph will be EXTREMELY TMI (this is the yucky, scary part) so if you’d like to skip this paragraph then do so. My OB asked me to push again and whilst doing so, discovered bub was well and truly stuck. The only way there would be enough room to get bub out safely was to..wait for it… empty my bowel and bladder completely. I’m not going to go into details on how they did that but I’d say it’s exactly how you’d imagine. It was beyond excruciating and I actually thought I was going to die at this point (and so did my poor mother). I screamed so loud that they had to close all of the doors to the maternity ward so I didn’t frighten the other patients. Once this was done they gave me the gas back and performed and episiotomy with the aid of a local anaesthetic (an incision to prevent tearing), whilst the OB was doing this he was saying to the midwives that I have a very short perineum and sounded very concerned. At this point I was pretty much out of it from sucking on the gas profusely. The midwife then told me to push when the forceps go in to help bring bub out. The OB then inserted the forceps, which was very, very painful, and proceeded to pull bubs head out, then he stopped. I think I was in shock by then as in my head I was screaming “what’s going on!!! Get this baby out of me I can’t do this anymore!!!” but couldn’t even muster up a groan. He then removed the forceps from bubs head and pulled bub the rest of the way out by the shoulders.


Once born, the OB cut bub’s umbilical cord and wrapped him in a blanket and placed him directly on my chest. I was still so out of it that I had my eyes closed and hadn’t realised bub was laying on me. My Mum and Jamie kept saying to me “open your eyes! Your baby is here!” and as I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was both of them crying and leaning over me looking at the baby. When I looked down and saw that my beautiful boy was breathing all on his own I started crying too, I will never forget that feeling and the first few moments of relief that my son was okay. I was then given a needle in my leg to deliver the placenta and bub was taken to be cleaned up and checked over. The paediatrician decided the baby was doing well enough for me to have another quick cuddle before being taken to the SCN. This is the first time we saw him open his beautiful blue eyes. I remember being so amazed at how tiny he was, but how healthy he looked. He didn’t look skinny like all of the premmies I’d seen photos of online. I cherished those first few cuddles as I knew I wouldn’t get many more for a while. After only a few very short minutes, which seriously felt like seconds, bub was taken down to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and I had something to eat and then got up and had a shower (thankfully my beautiful Mum helped me do this). Shortly after, the midwife came in and asked if we had a name for him yet, I forgot to mention that after the birth they asked for a name and I said we didn’t have one yet. I was desperate to call him Max, but we had his name picked for years, long before we even started trying to conceive, so when the midwife came back to ask for the name I looked at my Mum and Jamie and they both said “come on, you have had this name picked for years, you’ll regret it if you don’t use it” so I replied “Hunter Raymond”, Raymond being his Great Grandfather’s name (the only grandfather I have ever known). Hunter Raymond was born at 9.05pm on 7th September 2014 weighing 2200g and measuring 46cm long.


So that’s it! My entire labour and delivery story! I will be writing a blog about Hunter’s stay in the NICU and SCN hopefully in the near future. Thank you so much for all of your continued support!


Lots of love,

Kimberly xo


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