A Typical Day in Hospital

Today is Saturday, which is day 10 in hospital. I haven’t written a blog for quite a few days for a few reasons. The first being I’ve had a cold, which seems to have settled down thank goodness, and the other being that nothing has really happened which is obviously a very good thing! I thought I had better give you all a quick update on how I’m doing anyway, so that you know everything is fine! Other than having some of the most intense reflux I have ever felt in my life and (TMI WARNING) the fact that I was constipated for a whole week until today, I’m doing well. The midwife suggested on Monday night that I might sleep better if I had my own pillows from home and she was so right! I am no longer sore when I wake up and am actually having a more comfortable sleep, so that’s really nice. Although, my body clock is still out of whack and as a result I am only getting about 5 hours sleep a night, which has had me develop a bit of a routine. I am woken up at 6am every morning for medication (Nifedipine), I then usually watch Sunrise for an hour or so (or go back to sleep, but this is very rare) until Breakfast comes at 7am, which is the same time Jamie calls me on his way to work (don’t worry we have an in-car kit, all hands-free so it’s safe for him to talk and drive), then I usually watch the rest of sunrise, hop up and insert the progesterone pessary then have the midwives hook me up to the CTG to get it over and done with. I have to have two CTG’s a day to monitor bub as well as my contractions (if I have any, which I don’t usually, not actual ones anyway), this is apparently policy for any pregnant woman staying in hospital over 28weeks. I don’t mind it too much, sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable if I’ve just eaten but otherwise it’s fine. I have to have it on from anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour depending if bub is sleeping or not (if bub is asleep we have to attempt to wake him up with a cold drink so they know he was in fact just sleeping and not lethargic). So far we have had a few instances where I have had to have the monitor on for an hour, take it off and then have it put back on for another 40 minutes due to strong Braxton hicks showing up on the monitor or bub sleeping; it has always ended up being fine though. Then around 9am I usually try to have a nap as I am ALWAYS tired by then and it’s one of the only times of the day where I don’t have nurses, cleaning staff or meals coming in and waking me up. The rest of the day usually consists of playing games on my phone, watching YouTube and terrible day time television (Ridge got thrown out of a helicopter on Bold and The Beautiful yesterday, little does he know Bill is behind it..bum bum bum!!) & researching things for my new business (yes I have something very exciting in the making, but it will be a long while until it’s launched, definitely not until after bub is born. I’m aiming for January next year but I may leave hints here and there on my Facebook page, so go and like it if you haven’t already!). Then I usually have dinner around 5pm (or pick at it, it’s usually not overly appetising), then have another CTG around 6pm/7pm. Jamie usually gets here around 7.30/8pm and stays for an hour or two. Lately he’s been bringing me dinner which is really nice, there’s an Italian restaurant called Woggie’s just up the road from the hospital and they make the best Carbonara and garlic bread, I’ve had it 3 times this week already. Once Jamie leaves I normally have a shower and get ready for bed, then wait until midnight for my next lot of meds (sometimes I fall asleep before then but it’s unlikely). If I am lucky I might fall asleep by 12.30am! That’s pretty much my typical routine. It’s fairly boring; however I would much prefer a boring day in hospital than one filled with stress and worry due to Braxton hicks or cervical pain. I think that’s all I have to report on for now, everything is still the same as far as we know and after speaking with the Doctor today, we’ve decided not to do an internal exam or ultrasound unless absolutely necessary as we don’t want to irritate my cervix. There really isn’t much point in checking it anyway while I’m in hospital unless I had signs something wasn’t right because we are doing everything physically possible to keep bub safe in there and while he is being monitored twice daily with the CTG we are able to check that he’s okay so there is no need for an ultrasound on him either (although I would LOVE to see a 3D pic of him). So that’s it! Sorry if this is a bit of a boring one for you, but that is pretty much how things are at the moment. If you have any questions about anything please let me know! Thanks for reading!




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